Devenish Never Tilt Your Chair 2017 BW_.jpg

Never Tilt Your Chair Back on Two Legs

Performance collaboration

Australia’s leading theatre-music percussionists Louise Devenish (WA), Leah Scholes (Vic) and Vanessa Tomlinson (Qld) respond to one of the genre’s most seminal works, giving the Australian premiere of Mauricio Kagel’s Dressur 40 years after it’s world premiere. Dressur is paired with a new theatre-music work by Kate Neal titled Never Tilt Your Chair, that creates a shimmering sonic landscape using over 100 pieces of cutlery. Arranged to echo a formal domestic dining room, newly built instruments including a percussive chandelier made of antique flatware, custom-built racks of tuned cutlery and a table set with crystal glassware played using serrated knives, this work comments on the labyrinth of rules associated with western dining table etiquette

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